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What is NO/UV?

NO/UV provides a new way for you to safely enjoy your gel and shellac manicures. NO/UV is a safe, recyclable, disposable, one-time-use fingerless glove set that will protect your hands every time you get a gel manicure. Each set of gloves comes in its own packaging, just for you, to make for a hygienic experience. 

We spend thousands of dollars on products and treatments for our faces to prevent aging but do you know that the most accurate way to tell a person’s age is from their décolletage and their hands? We need to treat those areas with the same care as our faces. When you get shellac and gel manicures, you are exposing your hands to UV rays emitted by UV and LED lights that can age hands by giving you brown spots, wrinkling and can also potentially cause skin cancer.  Protect your hands with NO/UV !

What if  I forget my NO/UV gloves at home?

NO/UV comes in a sleek resealable envelope containing (5) NO/UV glove sets. The individual NO/UV glove sets are thin and easily stored in your handbag. Keep one in your handbag side pocket at all times and you’ll never forget them!

Is NO/UV different from cotton or material gloves that I can buy online or from what nail salon offers?

Yes! NO/UV is different from gloves than what you can purchase online or what your nail salon might offer. Each set of NO/UV gloves comes in its own packaging, just for you, to make for a hygienic experience. This is proving extremely important during current times where Covid-19 is a risk and nail salons and spas are turning to disposable products whenever possible to make for a safe experience for their clients. Nail salons and spas are veering away from cotton or material UV protection gloves salons provided and would wash after each use. These gloves pass through many hands before ending up in the hands of their intended client. NO/UV is opened by the client for the safest possible experience. In addition to sanitary constraints of cotton or material gloves, these gloves also lose their UV protection and may start to shrink in size after a few washings. 

Will exposing my hands to UV rays for such a short period of time really age them?

The answer is yes! Although in general your hands are under the UV rays for a short period of time, that adds up. Dermatologists understand the risks and recommend wearing sunscreen or glove protection during gel manicures. UV rays over time age hands by developing brown spots, wrinkling and in rare cases, skin cancer. You may not see the damage immediately but it will show and don't you want to stay looking young for as long as you can?

I am Allergic to Latex. Will I have a problem using NO/UV?

You should not have a problem using NO/UV as it is made of a polyblend material that is non-allergic.

Can I reuse my NO/UV glove when I’m done with my manicure?

NO/UV is meant to be disposable (one time use) for the hygiene factor. Any bacteria the gloves may pick up during your manicure while drying under the UV or LED lamps is not an issue since you simply throw NO/UV away and recycle when done. In light of Covid-19 disposable products in salons are becoming more and more relevant. 

My Spa or Salon uses LED lights so I should be protected from UV rays, right?

No! Both UV and LED lights emit UV rays. Gels by definition need UVA exposure to polymerize which is emitted by UV and LED lamps. If there's no UVA there is no gel manicure!

Contrary to popular belief, both UV and LED lights emit UV rays. It was thought for a period of time that you were safe from UV rays if your salon switched from UV lights to LED lights. However, this is not the case. You need to protect your hands from UV rays emitted from LED and UV lights. More and more research is showing the dangers of UV and LED lamps for skin aging. Protect your hands and the skin you're in.

It is important to cover your hands every time you get a gel manicure whether it is in a high end spa where you’re paying a premium price for a gel manicure or a  discount salon. There is no regulation around UV and LED lights. ALL UV and LED lights emit UV rays and there are no exceptions.  In one salon you could have more than one type of lamp emitting different levels of UV rays so you really never know your risk as it varies.

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